Q. When is it ok for me to talk to an agent?

A. A player interested in the NFL may talk to an agent at any given time or at such time as the school’s state permits.

Q. How do I know if someone is a certified agent?

A. You may go to the NFLPA website at www.nflpa.org for potential NFL players.

Q. When can I sign with an agent?

A. A player can sign with an agent upon completion of high school or collegiate sport participation.

Q. What do I have to pay an agent in order to sign?

A. Nothing, however, all reasonable expenses occurred on the player’s behalf are reimbursable to the agent, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q. How should I choose an agent?

A. After talking and interviewing with agents, choose the agent that you feel you will be able to form a personal relationship with and best suits your needs.

Q. How long will my agent contract last?

A. Once a contract is signed with your agent, the contract is good until one of the parties (agent or player) terminates the agreement. Keep in mind that upon termination, outstanding agent fees are still payable to the agent.